Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Host a TAGteach Seminar?

Many of our TAGteach seminars are hosted by people who have already come to at least one seminar in the past. Why on earth would anyone want to come to see the same thing twice, let alone run the risk of having us actually show up on their doorstep? The seminars are never the same twice since the attendees are always different and interesting and come from many walks of life. More than half the seminar is spent interacting and doing hands-on activities so it is never the same experience twice.

We decided to ask some seminar hosts what made them decide to host a TAGteach seminar and we will post their responses at the blog from time to time.

Here is what Jane Jackson of Bookends Farm had to say:

After attending a TAGteach seminar last August, I looked forward to coming home and putting my new education to work in my lesson and training business. I had been using “clicking for people” ever since hearing about TAGteach and acquiring a Clicker+ but I learned so much more at the seminar about applying TAGteach for humans as it differs from clicking for animals.

My students last year ranged from age 5 to age 70, and from complete beginners to folks active in jumping competitions, as well as people learning to train their own horses with clicker training (so I was training the owners to be trainers). The obvious use for TAGteach with riders is working on physical skills such as body position and movements. But I also found wonderful mental and emotional benefits as well. Sometimes I was actually focusing on these skills, such as the young boys who would come, worn out after a long day at school. They were tired of following directions all day. So I could use TAG points to engage them in catching ponies and working on grooming them which soon brought smiles and cooperation to the afternoon. Other times, I was focusing on physical skills, but because of the nature of TAGteach, the emotional benefits were icing on the cake. A student frustrated with her abilities over fences and anxious about making progress would hear repeated confirmation of her success with each ping of the Clicker+. Having a specific TAG point, as defined by the four criteria given at TAGteach seminars, made instruction and skill acquisition much more successful.

I anxiously look forward to my next seminar in the end of March!
Jane's seminar will be held in Norwich VT at the public library, 368 Main St on March 27-28. The early bird deadline is Feb 26. The seminar will be led by Theresa McKeon, TAGteach co-founder.

For more information or to register: Click here.

Watch this snippet from a TAGteach seminar:

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