Thursday, February 18, 2010

Upcoming TAGteach Seminars

Urbandale, Iowa (02/20-21/2010) Please call 704-995-9237 if you want to attend this seminar.

Frankfort, KY (02/27-28/2010)
Norwich, VT (03/27-28/2010)
Portland, OR (04/17-18/2010)
Boulder, CO (05/15-16/2010)
Golden Valley, MN (06/19-20/2010)
Brisbane, Australia (09/11-12/2010)

Dates coming for New Zealand and Germany

Even trainers like training!

TAGteach will be presenting a workshop for the Keepers at the Niabi Zoo.

The keepers have already begun their TAGteach training with Laura Monaco Torelli and are looking forward to two additional days of training from TAGteach cofounder, Theresa McKeon. The keepers will learn to use TAGteach to improve their clicker training, handling and husbandry skills as well as proper body mechanics needed to work long hours in a physically demanding profession.

Colleen (Head Keeper):
"TAG teach made me more conscious of what I was doing as a trainer"


TAG teach made me realize that what I was trained to do is actually what I'm doing right"

"It was great positive reinforcement as a trainer to let me know I was moving in the right direction"


"It was interesting and helpful to have positive feedback on "my training" behaviors, not always how I am working with the animals"


"TAGteach was helpful because it made me focus in on exactly what I was doing at a certain moment. It's always nice to learn through positive feedback!"

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