Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Karen Pryor Wins Dog Writers Award

We are very pleased and proud to let you know that our friend and business partner Karen Pryor has won a prestigious Maxwell award from the Dog Writers Association of America for her book Reaching the Animal Mind. We know that a huge amount of work and effort (not to mention furniture rearrangement) went into this book. The book is a treasure and the honor bestowed by the DWAA is richly deserved.

Karen has dedicated her life's work to humane and scientifically based animal training and this book provides insights that she is uniquely positioned to supply. Karen's courage, willingness to share, talents as a writer and communicator (and let's face it - downright stubbornness) has changed the lives of millions of animals and hundreds of thousands of humans for the better. This book is a unique gift to the world, with its balance of accessible science and intriguing story telling. Click here if you want to buy a copy (and you should!).

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