Monday, July 8, 2013

TAGteach Has Published its First Book!

Hey TAGteachers and Friends of TAGteach:

We are thrilled to announce that the first ever TAGteach published book is now available in the Kindle store on Amazon!

Here is a link to get the free Kindle Cloud Reader for computers and free reading apps for mobile devices.

Will You Help?

We would very much appreciate it if you would help us to spread the word about Chaos to Calm. Martha's book is in turn heart-breaking, humorous and brutally honest. She gives us a close-up look at what life is like for young parents with a profoundly non-verbal child with the frightening diagnosis of autism. The isolation, the uncertainty, the fear, the dreadful behaviors, the lack of sleep, the lack of help...This is the only book that we know of that gives step-by-step descriptions of the shaping process for many important behaviors (including going to sleep!). Martha explains how to capture a tiny flash of desirable behavior, reinforce it and build on success until it becomes a solid part of the child's behavior repertoire.

Every autism family seeks the light in an ocean of despair. Every autism mom, every autism dad, in fact every person who loves another person with autism, can use TAGteach with ease. This book shows you how.

How You Can Help

Here are some ways that you can help us get the word out to other autism parents who so desperately want to reach out and communicate with their child:

  • Click on the picture of the book above to go to Amazon. Take a look at the reviews (they are awesome by the way) and click on the "yes" button if you think the review is helpful. The reviews that are the most helpful as measured by the number of "yeses" will remain prominent. This will help the book to do well, even if all you do is click on the yes beside the most helpful reviews. Each "yes" for a 5-star review boosts the prominence of that review.
  • If you purchase the book, please write a review, or comment on an existing review. The more positive reviews the better the book will rank on Amazon.
  • Spread the word by sharing this link to Martha's blog in your social media, where she will be providing more information and insight for parents.
  • Visit Martha's blog and Facebook page and comment, like and share.
  • Tell anyone you know who has a child diagnosed with autism, or who works with children on the spectrum about this remarkable book.
  • Request an article from Martha, or an interview with Martha for your blog or podcast.

Speaking of Podcasts...

Listen to this terrific interview with Martha. Thanks to Annie Jennings PR for producing this super podcast.

Thanks to you for helping us spread the word! Congratulations to Martha for giving so much to help others.

The print version of the book will be available by the end of July, 2013

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