Monday, April 5, 2010

Some TAG Terms

As TAGteach has been evolving in practice, so has the language we have been using to describe what we are doing. Here are definitions of some TAG terms.
  • TAG: Teaching with Acoustical Guidance.
  • TAGteachTM: a term used to describe the concept and process of TAGteach. Anyone wishing to use this term in a commercial project requires permission.
  • tag point: a single selected aspect of a response, action or position that is acoustically marked as it is occurring. more information
  • TAGteacherTM : a TAGteach practitioner who has received at least one level of certification in TAGteach.
  • value added tag point: a tag point that resolves more than one problem.
  • three try rule: if a learner dose not correctly execute the tag point in three tries, the teacher will break the task down further to ensure success on the next try.
  • tagulatorTM : a device made from beads that is used to keep a count of the number of tags the learner has earned.
  • point of success: a place to start or return to that guarantees the learner a tag.
  • Self-Tagging: The act of tagging oneself. A means to promote positive interactions with yourself, to encourage skill acquisition and retention.    
  • focus point: this is like a tag point in that you ask the learner to focus on one thing, but no tag will occur at the moment of success (verbal praise may come afterward).

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