Saturday, April 24, 2010

Seminar Summary - Portland April 2010

By Keri Gorman

Just wanted to share some highlights from the Portland TAGteach seminar. As usual we had a diverse group which included horse trainers, dog trainers, a nurse, an occupational therapist and a dance teacher, 15 people in all.

I've been teaching TAG for about 5 years now and the seminars have evolved so much! We are at the point where people are already familiar with TAG before attending the seminar, many of them having already used it. We spend much more time in discussion and practice which is challenging and rewarding for me. This group in particular already had a sense of why tagging would be better than not, but wanted clarity in the best use of the methodology and language. TAGteach is such a simple tool, yet brings up so many complex questions.

Here are some of my "ah ha" moments:

A mother of 3 boys (ages 5, 7 and 9) spent the weekend developing a TAG plan for helping one of her boys get out of bed in the morning and off to school. The whole routine had become very toxic to both mom and son. It seemed that just tagging the individual components of the routine would not be enough and the process needed some creativity. Well, what boy wouldn't love spitting some toothpaste on the mirror in the morning? By 7:30am, the TAG point is "spit toothpaste on the mirror". Certainly incompatible with lying in bed and the morning can start out with a little humor!

A group of us were tagged for square dancing, always fun! I can add that to the list of Irish dance step, hula, belly dancing and swing, all of which Ihave learned thanks to TAG.

The group came up with some very creative ways to teach a class of medical field managers how to "read their manual", a normally daunting and boring task.

TAGpoints for a Blind Contour Drawing lesson, that was a first!! We all got to participate in this one and it was so cool! It's amazing to me that such a structured and scientific teaching tool can be SO useful in teaching
creativity. It was the first time in my life I haven't been scared to create art, I have complete trust that a  TAGteacher can get me through it.

Thank you to Theresa and all the attendees for another amazing seminar. Lots of great contributions and I'm sure more to come from this particular group!

I'm on my way to the local fire department tomorrow morning to introduce a little TAG to the captain. I just see endless possibilities for this application! Talk about a profession that requires instinctive skill recall!

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