Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Are You a Passion Talker?

Are you a person who loves what you do? Who wants to shout it from the rooftops and enlighten the world? Does your passion know no bounds? You, my friend, may very well be a Passion Talker.

What is a Passion Talker?

Passion Talkers are those who have so much important knowledge, that can help so many people, that they can't help but share it. They are driven to teach and to give every learner as much amazing information and detail as possible.

What are the Symptoms of Passion Talkers?

They are generous to a fault and give and give of themselves to help others be more successful. As teachers or instructors they want to use every second of available time with their learners to give instruction. They may even toss out golden nuggets of information while the learners are taking their turn to try something, or even as they are leaving for the day. There is no time lose for the Passion Talker, every precious second is an opportunity to share unselfishly with others.

Is There a Cure?

Yes! There is a cure for the Passion Talker. It is called TAGteach. TAGteach is perfect for the Passion Talkers, since it provides a way to channel all that critically important information into small enough pieces that the learner can grasp it, internalize and put it into practice. TAGteach helps the Passion Talker turn all that information and experience inward and distill it into tiny nuggets for the learner. This helps the Passion Talker teach effectively without causing information overload for the learner.

Check out this recorded webinar with TAGteach Cofounder Theresa McKeon: Information Overload - How to Say More and Talk Less.

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