Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Skinner Goes High Tech

Theresa McKeon, one of the TAGteach founders has been invited to speak at a high tech incubator, where the industry leaders of tomorrow come to learn and help each other grow. The host of this event, Habit Design is the largest national cooperative for sharing best practices in developing sustainable daily habits via Behavior-Change Psychology, Captology (Persuasive Technology), Game Mechanics & Techniques, Behavioral Economics, Sociology, etc.

Theresa will present a mini-workshop introducing TAGteach and how this fun and focused approach can benefit anyone who wants to build new habits in themselves or others. TAGteach is based on the science of learning and  the findings of B.F. Skinner. Dr. Julie (Skinner) Vargas says of TAGteach "This is what my father would have wanted for his science".  TAGteach provides a user- friendly way to apply the principles of behavioral science to any endeavor that involves human behavior change.

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Karen Pryor on the Neurobiology of TAGteach

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