Thursday, November 15, 2012

Congratulations! Luca Canever - Level 3 TAGteacher!

We are thrilled to announce that Luca Canever from Italy is our newest Level 3 TAGteacher! Luca joins eight other elite TAGteachers who have put in many hours of teaching with TAGteach and teaching about TAGteach in order to reach our highest level of certification. We are very proud of Luca and his achievements and grateful that he found us and is now teaching others. Here is Luca's story:

I started 10 years ago pushing in the lid of a jar, and using the popping sound as a marker. It was Sunday, all shops were closed and I was in a hurry to try this “new stuff” with my Golden Retriever Iris. My discovery of Clicker Training was the starting point of a very long chain of events.

In 2008 my son, Alessandro, was born. For the first time I realized that all the things I’ve learned while I was clicking my dogs could be useful also with my son. I didn’t realize I could also use the marker with people until 2010. I was sick and stuck in bed and I read “Reaching the Animal Mind” (the book had waited for me some months on my bedside table). Chapter 11: TAGteach! I  read the chapter, closed the book, opened the PC and did a Google search for TAGteach. The next day I was already booked for the Hamburg seminar!

The seminar showed me a brand new world, exactly what I was looking for.

Back to Italy, I started to work on my certifications. I tagged with Medieval swordplay, volleyball, dog training, self tagging and of course, Alessandro.  When he was two years old we started our first tag sessions. Our goal? Cutting nails. Our reinforcement? Salami tidbits! (of course are we Italians or what?).

In 2011 I hosted Theresa for the first TAGteach primary certification seminar. This year a few weeks ago I co-presented with her and Laura Monaco Torelli at the “Dynamic Duo Workshop”. This completed my Level 3 certification requirements. Now  that I have completed my journey through the certifications and I feel ready to spread TAGteach’s concepts, I want to share with you this idea of mine:

There is a lot of talent lost because we don’t have the tools to grow it. For me this is the worst shame. Children and adults, that could achieve great goals in every field they choose, are stuck because they don’t find learning and training reinforcing any more.  Everybody (humans or animals) deserves the right to develop their talents as far as they want and can. Everybody has the right to be the most complete and beautiful  being that is possible.

All of us want a better world for us and for our children.  It is my opinion that the world will be a better place as soon as all of us will be the best tennis player, teacher, trainer, parents that we can be. We just need to practice the new skills that being “the best possible…” require. TAGteach is one (the most useful for me) among the technologies to develop our talents and to practice these new skills.

The journey that I have taken from that jar lid ten years ago is all about this. I want to be the best person in the best possible world. I would like to say thanks to Theresa, Joan, Laura, Karen and to all the others amazing TAGteachers and good friends I have met through my journey.

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