Sunday, August 12, 2012

Karen Pryor Talks About the Evolution of Clicker Training and TAGteach

Never before seen video! Karen Pryror gives an introductory address to the TAGteach seminar at Brandeis University in Boston in July 2012.
"This is kind of a momentous year ... Now, one of the problems was that there were already enough dog trainers using the clicker that people knew that clickers were for dogs, don’t use this on children. There was so much concern and prejudice about comparing or even in any way treating children the same way you treat dogs, that [we] had to separate them entirely. Separate companies, change the name, use a different vocabulary, have different kinds of meetings in different buildings, in different towns, not at the same time, different literature, everything completely separate. And that has gone on for another 10 years. But now it’s 20 years later and the two fields are coming back together again... [T]he prejudice against using operant conditioning with children has vanished and more people in education-oriented fields are seeing the benefit of using these old principles, science based. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s an adult or a child or a human or an animal because they are universal and they all work... I think a more mature technology is appearing here. And indeed some of the applications are thrilling, just thrilling! It's a good time."
Here is a 2 minute trailer. The full version is available in the TAGteach store (TAGteach members are entitled to a 50% discount - get the code at the member page). There is a 4-minute version in the member area, free for members.


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