Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TAGteach Launches New Website and Announces Membership Option

TAGteach International is proud to announce its new and improved website www.tagteach.com. Along with a new streamlined format, the site contains more information, access to resources, and listings for seminars, workshops and webinars.

Another exciting addition is a membership option exclusively for certified TAGteachers. If you are a Primary, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 certified TAGteacher, you can try it for six months at no cost!

Member Benefits
  • Use of the TAGteach member logo on your website and in electronic and printed materials.
  • Two free member-only webinars per year (attend live or download the recording).
  • 50% discount on all other webinars (attend live or download the recording).
  • Access to our online course, “Introduction to TAGteach”, for only $50.
  • Enrollment option in a live Primary Certification seminar for only $149.
  • 10% discount on everything in our store.
  • Discount on entry fees to future TAGteach conferences.
  • Access to premium content on the member website.
  • Eligibility for TAGteacher awards in the future.
  • A listing of your name and the services you offer in the “Find a TAGteacher” database available to the public.
  • Access to information for enhancing career and personal development.
  • Connection with a dynamic and growing group of like-minded individuals. 
*Membership dues are $35 per year if you wish to continue after the free trial.

**You have completed the certification requirements by attending a 2-day certification seminar or completing the TAGteach online course and submitting your worksheets and journal for review and assessment.

Directory Listing

If you are a certified TAGteacher please check out your listing in the TAGteacher database and add your photo, logo and any business services that you offer (TAGteach-related or not). Just go to www.tagteach.com and log in with your email address and password (click on "Forgot Password" if you do not have a password), click on the “profile” button and make any changes or additions as required. Please check that all information is complete and correct.
For further instructions click here: http://tagteach.com/edit_renew


We will be offering webinars on a variety of introductory and advanced topics. The first webinar is July 25, 2012 and will cover the latest TAGteach updates. It is free of charge and available only to member registered, certified TAGteachers. We strongly encourage you to attend this webinar. TAGteach International is continuing to develop new tools and applications and it is important that you have the latest information. If you can’t join us live, the webinar will be recorded and available in the member area of the website.
Look for details in the Events section of the member website at http://tagteach.com/member_webinars.

Not a Certified TAGteacher?

For those not certified, but interested in TAGteach or are applying TAGteach in life or work, we will continue to offer our Yahoo group, blog, newsletter and Facebook page free of charge. We are also scheduling 'open' webinars that will be available to the general public.
We will strive to keep the TAGteach community strong and growing and inclusive of everyone who is interested in participating.

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