Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Upcoming TAGteach Seminars

Register now for an open TAGteach Certification Seminar or contact Theresa at t@tagteach.com to schedule a personalized seminar for your group.

The Early Bird discount dates for Glastonbury, CT and Chicago, IL have been extended to February 10. Don't miss out on this $50.00 dollar discount, register today!

Register at http://www.tagteach.com/events or call 704-995-9237 for more details.

Seminar at the Vista School in Hershey PA

Upcoming Seminars

Franklin IN (2/12-13/2011) 
Glastonbury CT (3/11-12/2011)
Chicago IL (3/26-27/2011)
Denver CO (4/15-16/2011)
Detroit MI (5/7-8/2011)
Portland OR (6/11-12/2011)

Recent comments we have received about TAGteach...

Had to share! When I first heard of TAGteach I thought I could use it for Ayana's stuttering. Once we started speech therapy they were using R+ but no marker. We are at 5 praises to 1 correction this week, but she suddenly shut down. But when she said something "smooth" she said, "Mommy, bing?" And I asked her if she wanted me to tag her.. all of a sudden she was a very enthusiastic learner! - Lisa Jemus
I was introduced to TAGteach a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try with my kids. My 8 year old daughter took to it like a duck to water and begged to stay up late tonight to keep working on her math facts. This is fantastic and I can't wait to incorporate it into my daily life with my kids and their education! Thanks for everything you do! - Erin Wiggington
Just did some TAG with my daughter working on her times tables. We worked for 15 minutes and she was thrilled to get 84 tags!! Awesome! - Erin Wiggington

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