Monday, June 14, 2010

TAGteach™ International - Classroom to Boardroom: Create, Capture and Capitalize on Success

TAGteach™ International
Classroom to Boardroom: Create, Capture, and Capitalize on Success

“It has really changed not only how I view teaching, but how I view all human interactions.”
Susan Bearden, Brevard Symphony Orchestra

Frustration free learning
Designed to highlight success
Put into practice immediately and economically
Can be used with any age, population or application

What is TAG?
The acronym TAG stands for Teaching with Acoustical Guidance, as an acoustic or sound marker is often used (but not mandatory). 

How does TAGteach work?
The program provides a platform upon which anyone can create achievable goals with clear beginnings and well-defined endings. During the actual period of skill acquisition, language is reduced, feedback is immediate, and success is reinforced. In addition, we have developed specific vocabulary that supports the breakdown of skills into single, achievable goals. We call these very specific goals, TAG points. As a tag point is accomplished, it is highlighted with a distinctive, audible marker that has no other meaning in everyday life. It is an unbiased sound that says “goal achieved. The marker also adds an element of fun, encouraging repetition of success.

Where is TAGteach being used?
If you judge a tool by how versatile it is, consider this - TAGteach has been established around the world from Japan to Iceland in an astounding variety of applications including the classroom, sports, industrial safety, occupational therapy, business management and even non-verbal children with Autism. Once learned, TAGteach can be applied to any profession as our wide range of clients suggests.

Why is TAGteach so motivating?
Because a core component of TAGteach is to capture success, leaders become proficient at looking for what is right and building on that, instead of focusing on what is wrong. Building on success is a skill that generalizes into a lifestyle.

Learn about TAGteach at a 2-Day Workshop and Certification Seminar 
Learn to capitalize on your learners’ innate desire to succeed
Reengineer tasks to encourage successful and safe performance
Use specific language that virtually ensures focus
Learn how to turn NAG points into TAG points
Learn what really motivates your learners
Practice the skills needed to effectively use an audible marker
Learn to set up and deliver immediate and positive reinforcement

For more information and to schedule a seminar or consultation contact:
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