Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Association for Applied Behavior Analysis 2010 - TAGteach and Autism

TAGteacher and author Mary Lynch Barbera presented the results of her study entitled: TAGteach and Autism at the 2010 Association for Applied Behavior Analysis conference in Texas in May. Mary designed a multiple probe study to test the impact of TAGteach on shoe tying in her son. Lucas had never been taught to tie his shoes. TAGteach provided an effective way to teach this skill.

Click here to download the presentation in a PDF file.

Mary Lynch Barbera, RN, MSN, BCBA, is the author of The Verbal Behavior Approach: How to Teach Children with Autism and Related Disorders.

Here is a video showing the progression of steps in the shoe tying study:


  1. This is completely aweseome!! Way to go Lucas!!! I have an autistic 5 year old and it shows me that there is hope! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. This video brings tears to my eyes. I'm send this link to my best friend. His son has autism.