Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update on Cascade Fishing Company Training

Update from the second annual Cascade training weekend with TAGteach/Legacy/I WorkWise

We just held our second annual TAGteach + A Mini-Chicken Camp seminar for the managers of the commercial fishing and processing ship, Seafisher.

This ship fishes the crazy waters in the Bering Sea and maintains a crew of over 80 for several months at time.The crew and managers come from all over the world and try to use English as a common language but all have heavy accents from their native tongue. Add all the testosterone and seriously hard work under less than ideal conditions and you have the potential for a perfect storm of broken communication and management issues.

Cascade, the company that owned the Seafisher realized this and decided to turn the tide so to speak. You could say they wanted to be "crossover" trainers. They already had Amy Duz and her company IWorkWise to do the skill training aboard the boat but she quickly realized that communication skills were what was lacking (she is a behavioral genius!).

She convinced the management to try clicker training for humans (TAGteach) and to include a day a chicken camp led by Terry Ryan. It was a bit of a long shot…would the guys get the correlation between training chickens and working in a positive manner with their crew?

Well they certainly did! Every manager including the ships captain, head engineer and processing managers have now attended at least 2 TAGteach and Chicken camp combo's! They all learned to train a chicken and how to add the principles and TAGteach methodology in their day to day management arsenal.

After the first seminar, the guys brought the principles back to the ship and boat yard. Training and communication on the boat improved tremendously and accidents were nearly wiped out.

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