Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Comments from Cascade Fishing Workers

Here are some comments from the participants from the second seminar held for Cascade Fishing Company workers. They had implemented TAGteach in real life situations on the boat and had come back for a more advanced seminar to learn more.

"Now other commercial fishing companies are hearing about it and they are considering the same training."

"Train a chicken?! It was amazing I learned you can't force something or someone to learn, I have to work with them."

"It gives you patience to solve a problem instead of getting angry and yelling."

"It taught me to look at myself every time I train. Never blame the person you are training. I never saw it like that before this seminar. That's why we came back for a second seminar and brought back more people."

"I believe it's beneficial for any company that trains people to do anything."

"It just streamlines the idea of teaching and understanding "This is really good stuff"…Theresa said that!

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