Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TAGteacher Spotlight - Luca Canever

Luca (on right) with fellow TAGteachers
Eva and Emelie
About ten years ago, Luca had an idea: to give his girlfriend a puppy as a birthday gift. The puppy, named Iris was a starting point. After a few months, Luca bought a clicker and started to train Iris. The discovery of clicker training was his light bulb moment. Luca gained the CAP3 certification in 2006. After this he started his career as a professional dog trainer, even though his main activity remains Archaeology. Luca holds a Bachelor’s degree In Archaeology from Padova University. In 2008, Luca’s first son, Alessandro, was born. As a new parent, Luca became more focused towards using positive reinforcement with his son. Karen Pryor’s "Reaching the Animal Mind" introduced him to TAGteach. This was a real life changing event, that led Luca to attending one of the first TAGteach seminars in Europe.
“Working with animals through positive reinforcement is an experience that enriches you. Bring this same experience on the relationship with people is something that changes your life! The first time I read about TAGteach I immediately said "I MUST do this!" And it's true: my life and myself changed. TAGteach has increased my awareness of what the other people are doing and why they’re doing it (and I can guarantee you. if you have a four years old boy this a really helpful skill). I became a "TAGthinker". Constantly I strip down things happening around me and reassemble them in tag points. The challenge now is to be able to introduce the TAGteach here in Italy. In this my thanks go to TAGteach International for their help and support and to Theresa McKeon who last year agreed to held a Primary workshop here in Verona, and this year she took on the challenge of co-present with Laura Monaco Torelli and myself the Dynamic Duo Seminar. My goal with this seminar is to share the deep similarities that exist between education and training humans and animals. When we all will know that there’s a new, caring methodology –that works-, to deal both with people and animal I think the world will be a better place to be in”.
Luca has used TAGteach with volleyball and basketball teams, with his clients and with his son. He also learned medieval swordplay with his nephew using TAGteach methodology.

Luca is a Level 3 TAGteacher and offers TAGteach Workshops and Certification Seminars in Europe in both English and Italian. Visit http://www.tagteachitalia.com/ for more from Luca.

TAGteach and Neuroscience - How the Brain Learns

Luca is a scientist with an interest in the neurobiology of TAGteach and how learning works in the brain. One of the amazing thing about TAGteach is the speed at which it works. Sometimes it seems almost magical! Turns out that the reason for this is because TAGteach is perfectly suited for optimal learning, because of the way the brain learns and retains information. Luca explained this in a fascinating webinar. Click here for more info or to register for the recording.


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