Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Explaining TAGteach to Your Sports Parents

If you are a coach using TAGteach and you want to explain what you are doing to the parents of your athletes - we have just the thing! You can download these cool pamphlets created by Michelle Ma and Maya Rankupalli. One is generic and one is specifically for skating. These are PDF files. If you want to add your own contact information you can do this by importing the file into Adobe Photo Shop or similar program and making changes. We are unable to help with this.

Click here to get the generic pamphlet page 1

Click here to get the generic pamphlet page 2

Click here to get the skating pamphlet

Not only are these available in print, but TAGteach is also explained in ASL in this wonderful video created by ASL interpreter Bonnie Gibson-Brydon and her beautiful assistants Sissy and Nicole Paniagua.

Thanks to Lynn Loar, Libby Colman and Judy Johns for mentoring and facilitating the production of these materials. Produced by The Pryor Foundation.

Tags on Ice

For more about TAGteach with skating, purchase the Tags On Ice DVD produced by TAGteacher and skating coach Lynn Loar. Here is a video trailer:

More About TAGteach and Sports

TAGteach works incredibly well for sports training. Check out the sports page at our website for more information and our recorded webinars with sports-related content

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