Monday, October 7, 2013

Tidbits From a TAGteach Seminar in Italy

By Luca Canever

These videos and comments were recorded during the Primary Certification Seminar  which we have held at the TICE Center in Piacenza. Among all the wonderful things presented, I would like to share these two videos. Thank you to the participants!

Video #1: Teaching Sign Language to a Learner that is Deaf, Mute and Visually Impaired

TAGteach stands for “Teaching with Acoustical Guidance”. Actually, what is unusual about the methodology shown in this video is the type of a marker (tag) used to reinforce students’ correct answers. In this video, (presented for the Primary Certification) by Gabriella (the teacher) and Eleanor (the student) the marker is no longer acoustical, but tactile. The tag phrasing is not verbal but tactile and is modeled by the teacher with her hands. As long as the marker is always consistent and can be easily perceived by the student any stimulus is suitable. In the project, the 'student' is a deaf-mute person and visually impaired.

I can only add that it was one of the most exciting experiences that I have had since working with TAGteach. See below for an explanation of what is going on in the video.

0.00: The teacher " draws" on students shoulder the letter R. Many people with similar disabilities like those presented in this project, learn to recognize the letters in this way. In the project we want to teach the correct sign for the letter R. The first phase of the video shows how, usually, these behaviors are thought.

0.30: Student does not perform the action properly. The teacher checks her program
and get ready for a new strategy , introducing the TAGteach.

0.32: The instructions are presented by the teacher with the right hand . The student " feels " the movements with her left hand and replicate it with her right hand.

0.35: The TAG is a touch on the right leg.

0.43: The teacher lowers student’s right hand of the . In this way they get ready for the next step of the practice.

1:10: after checking the skills of the student , the teacher moves back to ask the complete gesture for the letter R. The teacher holds student’sright hand, to indicate the exact number of rotations of the wrist required for the letter R. Lacking the ability to communicate visually or verbally ithe touch is the only means of communication.

1:15: The teacher explains why he has decided to take action by blocking the wrist

1.30 : The student repeats the gesture correctly.
Tag !


"as far as my experience I can say that it was interesting to play the role of someone with these problems. I'm always the other side, teaching someone, and, with this experience, I truly realized what it means to want to succeed in something and have a thousand of obstacles. Then, blindfolded and silence all around, so many thoughts went through my head, and the most common was "Am I wrong?" I think, however, that it is the recurring thought of anyone who is actually learning. Having a good teacher as Gabriella, and an immediate signal that I could use to have clear evidence of my success, was a big help. I think that the TAGteach methodology that you have shown us to could have some interesting applications, used properly and setting realistic goals."

Video #2: Teaching an Expectant Mother How to Breast Feed

Get an expectant mother, a doctor and a therapist, add a puppet and what comes out is this wonderful lesson to teach to breastfeed. Thanks to Sara & Sara (the two teachers) and Serena, future mom!

If Eleonora and Gabriella's video was exciting, this one was fun, professional and instructive. Personally I wish we'd had someone to tell us how to breastfeed during the first week of my son's life when he wanted to suck as he thought it had to be done.
many sleepless nights

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