Monday, October 29, 2012

Report from Switzerland: TAGteach Advanced Workshop

By Doris Vaterlaus

Doris Vaterlaus: Workshop host

We are back from the first TAGteach Advanced Workshop in Solothurn with Theresa and the first snow in Switzerland.

We had people from US (Theresa), Canada, England, Scotland, France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland - speaking 5 different languages English, French, Italian, Dutch and German (incl. Swiss German ;).

Some of them had already their Primary Certificate - others came with the Primary Online Course. Some have longtime experience with clicker training and others are already using TAGteach in their work.

We all had a good time discussing, learning and watching and going home with new ideas.

We have seen different topics - from tagging learning to ski, body posture for training chickens and horse trainers, first aid for emergency, training for dog trainers, training for dog owners, working with autistic children, how to tag a person in a hotel, how to use TAGteach in school - and great discussions about how to tag this and that...  What is the tag point?  Five words or less!

We are convinced about TAGteach and we surely will have another Advanced TAGteach Workshop - I hope in 2013. Prerequisites will be the Primary Certificate or having done the Primary Online Course. So, go for it!

Advanced Workshop participants
Theresa - always working!
Thanks to Doris for being a wonderful host and to everyone for bringing so many ideas and interesting discussions to the workshop!

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