Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Karen Pryor on the Neurobiology of TAGteach and Clicker Training

Here is another never-before-seen video of Karen Pryor speaking at a TAGteach seminar in July 2012 at Brandies University. Karen talks about the neurobiology of the clicker:
"Why is it learned so quickly? Why is is retained so long? Why is it so much fun? Why do we get this elation even out of rats and pigeons?"
"It turns out that the answers were in neuroscience" 
Watch this clip in which Karen explains some of the answers to these questions:

A longer version of this is available for free to members in the member area of the TAGteach website.

The full video is available in the TAGteach store (50% off for members - visit the member website for instructions)

You can read more about this in Karen's book, Reaching the Animal Mind:

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