Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm In Charge Mom!

We love this video sent to us by Alena Van Arendondonk. This is commentary by Claudia, an interpreter at a clicker training seminar presented by Alena Van Arendondonk and Laura Van Arendondonk Baugh. Claudia saw the value of this approach and wanted to try it with her kids. Alena and Laura Baugh are also TAGteachers and were able to give Claudia some pointers on applying this at home.

Here is what Alena said:
I told you last summer about Claudia, our interpreter in Mexico who was so impressed by the peaceful nature of clicker training with dogs that she bought a clicker to use with her five-year-old twins. The day after that happened, she was translating for Jesus Rosales-Ruiz (who was speaking at the same workshop we were), and we caught her during a session break and asked how things were going with her kids.
She started talking, and we were so impressed by her enthusiasm that we asked if we could record what she said and share it with the TAGteach community.
Claudia started by having her daughter tag (click) her which immediately gave control to the child and motivated the child to want to be tagged (clicked) herself.

Here is the interview with Claudia (it is quiet so you may need to turn up your volume).


  1. Could you please clarify what the TAGpoint was that Claudia and her daughter started with? I had a hard time understanding all the words in the interview.

  2. What is the TAGpoint that the mother uses initially? (I can't hear this interview very well.)

  3. The directions are: keep your back straight against the back of the chair. The tag point is "back straight"