Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upcoming TAGteach Seminars

"Just how do you adjust what you know about clicker training an animal to make it successful with human learners?" was the question asked by Janet Velenovsky in her article for the July/August issue of APDT's Chronicle of the Dog. Her answer was, "attend a TAGteach seminar!".

Now you can build on your clicker training knowledge and turn it in to an advantage in every field imaginable: teaching, business, parenting, physical therapy and of course animal training. Experience how an audible marker, strategic reduction in language, and a preset point of focus is transforming the human learning experience.

Register now for an open TAGteach Certification Seminar or contact Theresa at to schedule a personalized seminar for your group.

Upcoming Seminars
Brisbane, Australia (9/11-12/2010) 
Christchurch, New Zealand(9/18-19/2010)
Hamburg, Germany (10/16-17/2010)
Los Angeles, CA (11/6-7/2010)
Tampa, FL (12/3-4/2010)
Franklin, IN (2/12-13/2011) 
Glastonbury, CT(3/11-12/2011)
Comments from a recent TAGteach seminar:

"The response from all attendees was unanimously positive. It is rare that professionals from different educational disciplines (teachers, OTs, consultants) all feel that the information from the training will be useful professionally. I clearly saw the benefits that can result from using TAGteach for both teachers and students. "
Maureen Bradshaw, MS-Director, ARLearn-Arkansas Department of Education

"It truly was one of the best trainings I have ever had the opportunity to attend. Thanks so much!"
Sheila Smith-Behavior Intervention Consultant

"Definitely was one of the best 2 days of training in 15 years." Laura McKenzie Cooke-Arkansas Department of Education

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