Monday, March 16, 2009

New Level II TAGteacher: Maggie Ouillette

I would like to introduce the newest TAGteacher to achieve the Level II certification status, Margaret (Maggie) Ouillette.

Maggie has been diligently practicing her TAGteach skills with many clients and introducing TAGteach to volunteers at a local humane society shelter.

Here is an excerpt from her project:
“My level II certification project involves volunteers at the local humane society shelter. The organization has recently introduced a training program for dogs awaiting adoption. Volunteers work with the dogs at the shelter each evening. The goal of the program is to reduce the dogs’ stress levels by getting them out of their kennels and teaching them basic behaviors such as loose leash walking, object targeting (go to place, push easy button, use a doggy nail file). The volunteers use clicker training/Operant conditioning techniques to train the dogs. After reading the training logs and viewing video footage of the training, I noticed that the techniques were sometimes being applied incorrectly. Because the program is new, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to get incoming volunteers off on the right foot by using TAGteach to train them.”
You can see Maggie’s project journal by going to the TAGteach Yahoo group and then links.
Congratulations Maggie and thank-you for all of your hard work!
TAGteach International
Photo from Maggie:
"What I love about the photo is how the person in black is holding her right hand.
A previous tag point was... non clicker hand to post it. The post it is gone, they're working on a different tag point, but her hand is totally plastered to her leg! TAGteach, I love it!"

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