Friday, August 31, 2012

What the Heck is a Tagulator Anyway?

A tagulator is a specially beaded string that allows you to keep track of your tags. You can see in this photo the tagulators hanging from the barre so that the dancers can keep track of their tags easily. Learners can also hang tagulators from their belt loops or back packs or at specific locations such as the bathroom rail, the coat hook or other location where they can earn a tag.

Some people use them for self-tagging. That is they give themselves a tag by pulling a bead when they succeed at a ask they have set for themselves. For example you might hang one on your fridge and anytime you make a conscious choice to have a snack (as opposed to snacking mindlessly), you pull down a bead. Theresa sometimes hangs one from her belt loop while lecturing and pulls a bead when she thinks about slowing down.

Others give tagulators to their learners so that they can keep track of tags. Some learners are motivated by completing a set of 10 beads and enjoy pulling down the beads, others need to earn something tangible when they have completed a string of beads. Here is a video that shows the introduction of a tagulator to a child who was previously receiving a Skittle (small candy) for each tag. The tagulator immediately increased the ratio of tags:candy from 1:1 to 10:1. This helps speed things up, makes the candy last longer and reduces the reliance on the candy.

You can make your own tagulators or buy them from our store.

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